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Wednesday, 22 April 2009 - Strasbourg OJ edition

Question Time (Commission)

– Question No 31 by Gay Mitchell (H-0131/09)

Subject: State aid to non-EU European countries

In this time of economic tumult it is imperative that all nations in Europe are on a level playing field and should not have to be concerned about jobs moving to non-EU countries involved in supplying state aid to ailing firms. If members of the EEC or EFTA such as Switzerland are to reap benefits of increased trade with the EU bloc then it is imperative that they reciprocate by playing by the same rules regarding state aid. The current procedures for remedies of breach of this are slow and cumbersome and offer no protection to those currently losing their jobs. How does the Commission plan to tighten up this area of competition law and ensure there is a fast and effective procedure for dealing with complaints?

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