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Thursday, 12 November 2009 - Brussels OJ edition

Transitional procedural guidelines on budgetary matters in view of the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty (debate)

  László Surján (PPE).(HU) Ladies and gentlemen, after the First World War in Hungary, temporary huts were built in Budapest, intended to provide hospital treatment for prisoners of war returning home. These temporary huts are still in operation even today.

We want to introduce transitional procedural regulations in order to safeguard the budget process. I believe that Mr Lamassoure, the rapporteur and chairman of the committee, has mentioned and wants to see implemented principles which will last at least as long as the temporary huts in operation for 90 years I just mentioned. It is extremely important that we have paid a high price for the Treaty of Lisbon. We have given up certain principles, and the citizens of one country, the Czech Republic, will benefit less from human rights than the majority of Europeans. It is our fundamental duty to implement smoothly, seamlessly and efficiently this treaty which we have paid so dearly for. In my view, the proposals which the rapporteur is now asking for authorisation to implement serve this purpose more than adequately. This is why my group would like a significant majority in Parliament to accept them without any changes.

Finally, still on the subject of things temporary, an advert appeared a few decades ago saying that flats intended for permanent ownership had been built for Soviet officers on a temporary posting to Hungary. This means that no matter how permanent we think something is, it becomes out of date after a certain time. I hope that when these current regulations cease to be valid, better ones will replace them. With this hope, I ask everyone to support this proposal.

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