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Thursday, 12 November 2009 - Brussels OJ edition

Transitional procedural guidelines on budgetary matters in view of the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty (debate)

  Alain Lamassoure, rapporteur. (FR) Mr President, I shall not abuse this exceptional right that you are granting me.

I should like to thank all of the spokespersons from the groups that support the main proposals of the report and to assure all of the groups that we will continue, with the European Commission and with the Council, to work towards the successful conclusion of these negotiations, adopting the same team spirit. I believe that the debate has shown us that there was a very large majority in favour of these principles. Mrs Andreasen – who is no longer here – tabled a number of amendments, which we cannot go over because we are in a hurry.

I would point out that, from 1 December, there will be some new institutions within the Union: a President of the European Council, a High Representative with completely new powers, and a European External Action Service. We will therefore have to take some extremely quick budgetary decisions if we want the new treaty to come into force on the date set.

Sadly, we have already lost too much time in obtaining an agreement among 27 countries, a ratification of the 27 parliaments, or the 27 nations, to have the Treaty of Lisbon enter into force by the end of the year, and our duty now is to ensure that the transitional provisions can be finalised and applied as quickly as possible.

I will grant Mrs Gardiazábal Rubial that the final agreement will perhaps not be founded on the simplicity that we would like and need, but we shall try in any case to ensure that it satisfies all of the institutions and that it provides the effectiveness, transparency and democratic character that the European Union sorely needs.

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