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Thursday, 17 December 2009 - Strasbourg OJ edition

Uganda: anti-homosexual draft legislation

  Marietje Schaake, author. – Mr President, last September, a member of the Ugandan Parliament introduced an ‘anti-homosexuality bill’. This bill would criminalise homosexuality, leading to punishment by imprisonment and even the death penalty. This would not only apply to these alleged criminals but also to those who failed to report these so-called crimes, or who support human rights and other work in Uganda.

Our concern is that this would violate freedom of sexual orientation as well as freedom of expression, which are human rights: they are not just European values but universal values.

We also reject the death penalty as a whole and want to join the international community in its concern for NGOs which may have to cancel their activities working in Uganda.

We therefore join President Obama and others in the international community who have called for this bill not to be approved and for the review of any laws that would criminalise homosexuality in Uganda.

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