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 Téacs iomlán 
Wednesday, 20 January 2010 - Strasbourg OJ edition

Outcome of the Copenhagen Summit on climate change (debate)

  John Stuart Agnew (EFD). – Mr President, whilst the big conference at Copenhagen was under way last month – complete with politicians, NGOs and activists – there was another climate conference going on in the same city, where most of the speakers were scientists, and I believe that I was the only MEP present.

These scientists, one by one, demolished the so-called facts about man-made global warming, with scientific argument as opposed to alarmist sound bite. We heard about the technical failures of Al Gore’s hockey stick graph and the unreliability of weather station data after the fall of the Berlin Wall. We were advised on the scientific shortcomings of the computer models that are reluctant to predict cold weather, and the probability of the opposite relationship between carbon dioxide and global temperatures to the one that we are being brainwashed with. We were shown satellite photographs of the rapid increase in Arctic ice over the last three years, and we were briefed on the increase in the numbers of polar bears.

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