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Wednesday, 20 January 2010 - Strasbourg OJ edition

Outcome of the Copenhagen Summit on climate change (debate)

  Ivo Belet (PPE), in writing. – (NL) Mr President, following the Copenhagen fiasco, we could sit on the sidelines pitifully weeping and wailing, but that would be a waste of energy. Let us continue to put our own house in order. Europe is the only continent to have specific, ambitious legislation for reducing CO2 emissions. This must be implemented in the coming months and years. We must not forget that this also has a direct impact on other superpowers, not least China. All the consumer products China wishes to sell in Europe in the near future will have to comply with the strictest European environmental standards. This obliges Chinese manufacturers, too, to change course. ‘Hopenhagen’ may have largely failed, but we must set to work again, as next year will see new opportunities, first in Bonn and then in Mexico. In the meantime, Copenhagen has undoubtedly made sure everyone is alert, greatly heightening our environmental awareness. That is not enough, but what makes me optimistic is the realisation that investing in the climate is also good for our own pockets, for the economy and thus also for employment.

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