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Thursday, 25 November 2010 - Strasbourg OJ edition

Tibet - plans to make Chinese the main language of instruction

  Catherine Soullie (PPE), in writing.(FR) In adopting this resolution, the European Parliament, the voice of European citizens and democracy, is sending a clear message to the Chinese authorities: that eradicating and subjugating one culture to benefit another is an act that is not worthy of any truly great and modern country. The Tibetan people have a wholly legitimate request: that their history and language should be respected. Tibetan culture is not the only one threatened by this unreasonable decision – Cantonese and other languages will also fall victim to the policy of standardisation. Given that the Chinese Constitution specifically recognises each citizen’s right to express him/herself in his/her chosen language, how can the political authorities justify this legal U-turn? The European Union’s motto clearly sums up the message that we have a duty to pass on to the Chinese authorities through this resolution: united in diversity.

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