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Tuesday, 14 December 2010 - Strasbourg Revised edition

Outcome of the Climate Change Conference in Cancún (debate)

  Ivo Belet (PPE), in writing. (NL) The outcome of the climate summit in Cancún could hardly be described as a great achievement. However, it is better than nothing. Some concrete steps have been taken, for example, in the fight against deforestation, and the go-ahead has been given for the establishment of a USD 100 billion climate fund. The whole thing, however, is moving at a terribly slow and tiring pace. It resembles nothing so much as the dancing procession of Echternach. Meanwhile, the global warming clock quietly ticks on.

What was Europe’s role in this story? The EU has certainly learned from the mistakes of last year’s Copenhagen conference. In Cancún, Europe was at the heart of the negotiations and acted as a united front. The entire world has its eyes on the EU model and looks on it with admiration, because we have the most progressive and binding agreements. Europe is a role model when it comes to climate.

We have to hold on firmly to that leading role over the coming years. It clearly marks us apart from almost all other continents, in a positive way. It is an enormous asset in terms of our image and, at the same time, it entails major economic and social benefits.

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