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Wednesday, 16 February 2011 - Strasbourg OJ edition

Explanations of vote

Text tabled : A7-0025/2011

  Maria do Céu Patrão Neves (PPE), in writing. (PT) This report on adequate, sustainable and safe European pension systems represents an important step in implementing a coordination policy in the European Union. In fact, although this falls under the jurisdiction of the Member States, the pension system is directly linked to the financial market, as well as being one of the areas covered by the Stability and Growth Pact. It is becoming necessary, for demographic reasons of which we are all aware, to consider a strategy that increases cohesion and coherence on pensions. We must create initiatives which redefine the future of young and old, and solidarity between generations and people, thus contributing to a sustainable, secure and adequate income after retirement. There are marked differences between the various pension schemes in Europe, but it is important to create a common platform by clearly defining the division of responsibilities. In this way, it will be possible to create a sustainable and safe system together; a modern system which recognises freedom of movement in Europe, which is based on the assumption that mobility is essential, particularly for the younger generations and, of course, for an effective and efficient labour market. For all these reasons, I voted in favour.

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