Monday, 7 March 2011 - StrasbourgOJ edition
 1.Resumption of the session
 2.Approval of the minutes of the previous sitting: see Minutes
 3.Restoration of reciprocity in the visa regime – solidarity with the unequal status of Czech citizens following the unilateral introduction of visas by Canada (written declaration): see Minutes
 4.Statements by the President
 5.Parliament's calendar of part-sessions – 2012: see Minutes
 6.Parliament's calendar of part-sessions – 2013: see Minutes
 7.Composition of Parliament: see Minutes
 8.Signature of acts adopted under the ordinary legislative procedure: see Minutes
 9.Texts of agreements forwarded by the Council: see Minutes
 10.Action taken on Parliament’s resolutions: see Minutes
 11.Oral questions and written declarations (submission): see Minutes
 12.Lapsed written declarations: see Minutes
 13.Petitions: see Minutes
 14.Transfers of appropriations: see Minutes
 15.Documents received: see Minutes
 16.Order of business: see Minutes
 17.Innovative financing at a global and European level (debate)
 18.General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean Agreement Area (debate)
 19.EU-Mauritania Fisheries Partnership Agreement (debate)
 20.EU strategy for the Atlantic region (debate)
 21.One-minute speeches (Rule 150)
 22.General product safety and market surveillance (short presentation)
 23.Management of H1N1 influenza (short presentation)
 24.Reducing health inequalities (short presentation)
 25.Cooperating with developing countries on promoting good governance in tax matters (short presentation)
 26.Agriculture and international trade (short presentation)
 27.EU protein deficit (short presentation)
 28.Agenda for next sitting: see Minutes
 29.Closure of the sitting
 30.Closing of the session
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