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Wednesday, 8 June 2011 - Strasbourg OJ edition

EU-Russia summit (debate)

  Edvard Kožušník (ECR). (CS) Madam President, Commissioner, as you are surely aware, Russia is a self-confident state and the Russians are a self-confident nation. The relationship between the EU and Russia must take the form of a genuine partnership, and not just a feigned partnership. Since we have excellent relations with the countries of the Eastern Partnership, relations between the EU and Russia must be at least on the same level. I am therefore delighted that, in your speech, you did not forget to mention the importance of abolishing the visa requirement with Russia, as relations between partners must be built on trust and openness. We should tell Russia clearly and seriously what the timetable is for abolishing visas, and what conditions must therefore be fulfilled.

Commissioner, I would like to thank you for remembering, when preparing the joint EU-Russia Summit, all of the agendas that are important for the partnership between the EU and Russia.

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