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Wednesday, 8 June 2011 - Strasbourg OJ edition

EU-Russia summit (debate)

  Jacek Olgierd Kurski (ECR).(PL) Our most serious failings in relations between the EU and Russia are inconsistency, weakness and a lack of awareness of our own power. The Nord Stream issue is typical in this respect. First, we make energy solidarity one of Europe’s leading principles in the Treaty of Lisbon, and then the EU agrees to the Nord Stream project, which is harmful to Poland and the other new Member States in geopolitical terms. We should therefore stand our ground when discussing each of the issues on the forthcoming agenda as outlined by the Commissioner.

Russia must observe certain rules as regards the WTO. They should first allow Georgian wine onto their market before dreaming of WTO membership.

As far as visas are concerned, Russia must be told that the visa regime will be liberalised for countries participating in the Eastern Partnership first, and for Russia only afterwards. The Kaliningrad Oblast may represent an exception to this rule.

As regards the energy sector, Russia must be told that we are opposed to the repeated blackmailing of Ukraine, and that we are opposed to the measures taken by Russian agencies of influence, attempting to belittle the extraction of shale gas in Poland and in Europe. This is a great opportunity to gain independence from Russia.

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