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Wednesday, 8 June 2011 - Strasbourg OJ edition

EU-Russia summit (debate)

  Jaroslav Paška (EFD). (SK) Madam President, we always have a number of problematic issues on hand for negotiations with Russia, such as the standard of civil rights, the nonsensical ban on imports of vegetables from the EU, the anti-missile shield located in the EU, or the problematic involvement of Russia in many former Soviet republics.

I do not want to say that we should avoid talking about these difficult topics, but I firmly believe that we should not limit ourselves to them.

We should also bring new ideas for mutually beneficial cooperation. European producers need new opportunities to sell their products. Russia is an enormous trade area, with ever increasing purchasing power. It is therefore necessary to work more intensively to eliminate the obstacles that are holding back trade cooperation, and also jointly to support projects such as the extension of the broad-gauge railway line running from the Pacific to the heart of the EU.

Projects such as this can create new impulses for cooperation, the implementation of which will bring benefits not only to Europe, but also to Ukraine, Russia and many Asian countries.

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