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 Testo integrale 
Wednesday, 14 September 2011 - Strasbourg OJ edition

Closing the gap between anti-corruption law and reality (debate)

  Claude Moraes, on behalf of the S&D Group. Mr President, there are in the Chamber today, I noticed while the debate was going on, many Members who have given literally most of their professional lives to tackling corruption.

What they want to see, and certainly what my Group wants to see, is some definition and highlighting of how exactly we will implement many of the elements of the package which, of course, we welcome.

Corruption is such a catch-all term that we must take the opportunity in this resolution to define and highlight what we can do and to be honest about what we cannot achieve. That is what people want in this Chamber today.

I welcome very much what the Commission has said, but I must say that the lack of transparency and the poor quality of transposition – as somebody who is near to this subject – is something which is very disturbing.

What we must do, and I know the Commission wants to do this, is define the immediate priorities. The Commissioner said we have to wait until 2013, but one idea we have had is that we may want to carry out interim anti-corruption reports before 2013.

I only say this because at a time of austerity, at a time when citizens want us to visibly fight corruption in the Union, perhaps this would send a signal that this is an immediate priority for us in the European Union.

Corruption is, of course, a cross-border issue which needs to be taken seriously by every EU Member State. It therefore needs tough legislation and effective evaluation mechanisms at EU level.

The Council and Member States must also fully implement the existing 1995 and 1997 EU Conventions.

One way we can make progress is to take the general approach of prioritising our fight within the context of our security agenda for years to come.

I notice I am over time, so I will just finally say that the various elements of this resolution are important, but the prioritising of those elements is important.

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