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Wednesday, 14 March 2012 - Strasbourg OJ edition

8. Statement by the President
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  President. – Ladies and gentlemen, last night, there was a tragic road accident in Switzerland. A coach from Belgium carrying at least 52 people crashed in a tunnel. As things currently stand, we know that 28 people, 22 of them children, have died.

The Belgian Members of this House and the Belgian people are deeply shocked, as are all of us. We have all seen pictures of the accident on television.

On behalf of Parliament, I would like to convey our sympathy to the families of the victims and to everyone affected by this tragedy.

I have already expressed our condolences to the King of Belgium and the Belgian Government, represented by Prime Minister Di Rupo.

Every one of us here in this House, whether we have children of our own or can remember our relationship with our parents, will certainly understand what it means to send your children off on holiday and have them return in a coffin. Therefore, I believe that our condolences, which do not just consist of empty words, but which express our genuine sympathy, should go to the parents.

I would like to ask you to observe a minute’s silence in memory of the victims and their families.

(The House rose and observed a minute’s silence)



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