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Procedure : 2012/2581(RSP)
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PV 15/03/2012 - 11.6
CRE 15/03/2012 - 11.6
PV 29/03/2012 - 9.8
CRE 29/03/2012 - 9.8
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Explanations of votes

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Thursday, 15 March 2012 - Strasbourg OJ edition

11.6. Situation in Belarus (B7-0178/2012) (vote)

– Before the vote:


  Kristian Vigenin, on behalf of the S&D Group. Mr President, yesterday we had an extensive debate in the European Parliament with a very clear message on our side. There is a joint draft motion for a resolution which is also very clear, and Parliament is united behind the message we want to send to the Belarusian authorities, to Belarusian society and also to European citizens.

However, I would like to ask that we postpone the vote on this resolution to the mini-plenary in Brussels next time, for two main reasons. Firstly, to give the authorities time to reflect on and react to the current situation in which they find themselves, and secondly to be able to amend this resolution with the developments that we expect in the coming days.


  Marek Henryk Migalski (ECR). - (PL) Mr President, I understand Mr Vigenin’s argument. It is true that we had a wide-ranging discussion yesterday, but it was also yesterday that the Belarus dictator Alexander Lukashenko refused to show mercy to two people accused of alleged attacks in the Belarus metro. This means that they will probably be executed. A decision today not to approve this resolution will be seen in Minsk by Lukashenko as saying, in the language of diplomacy, where tit-for-tat actions are an important consideration, as a retreat and a sign of weakness. For this reason I would ask you, ladies and gentlemen, to vote today on this resolution, which has already been agreed. This will be a clear signal to Lukashenko that we are united and agreed on this matter.


(Parliament agreed to postpone the vote)

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