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Procedūra : 2011/2885(RSP)
Dokumenta lietošanas cikls sēdē
Dokumenta lietošanas cikls : B7-0187/2012

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Debates :

PV 28/03/2012 - 17
CRE 28/03/2012 - 17

Balsojumi :

PV 29/03/2012 - 9.12
CRE 29/03/2012 - 9.12
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Ceturtdiena, 2012. gada 29. marts - Brisele Pārskatītā redakcija

9.12. Paplašināšanās ziņojums attiecībā uz Kosovu (B7-0187/2012) (balsošana)

- Avant le vote:


  Ulrike Lunacek (Verts/ALE). - Madam President, first I should like to thank all the shadow rapporteurs for the very good and constructive cooperation on a report that strongly supports the European perspective for Kosovo. I should like to make one remark and one request.

The remark is that two months have passed since the report was voted on in the Committee on Foreign Affairs in January and many things have happened in and around Kosovo, for example the positive outcome of the dialogue between Pristina and Belgrade, and the Council conclusions which paved the way for a further European perspective and integration for Kosovo. That is why I tabled about 11 amendments which refer to these events and I would like to ask you to support them.

I have one request for the S&D Group, which refers to the first amendment that we are going to vote on now – Amendment 13 – which also refers to the outcome of the dialogue. I believe that placing this amendment right at the beginning is not right. I think it should go under paragraph 2, which refers to the dialogue and I would like to ask the S&D Group rapporteur to accept this repositioning to a different place. If the S&D Group does not accept that, I would ask Members to vote against it because the issues are covered in paragraph 2.


  Libor Rouček, on behalf of the S&D Group. – Madam President, we oppose this repositioning; we would like to vote on the amendment as it is.


- Avant le vote sur l'amendement 3:


  Ulrike Lunacek (Verts/ALE). - Da der Änderungsantrag im Text ohnehin ausgeführt ist, dachte ich, ich bräuchte es nicht erwähnen. Es geht darum, die aktuellen Ereignisse der letzten zwei, drei Tage auch im Bericht unterzubringen. Der Wortlaut soll jetzt wie folgt aussehen:

‘Welcomes the intention of the Commission to launch a feasibility study for the Stabilisation and Association Agreement between Kosovo and the EU Union, as taken note in the General Affairs Council conclusions of 28 February 2012, and welcomes in particular the official launch of that study by Commissioner Füle on 27 March 2012 during the first meeting of Kosovo’s National Council for European Integration and hopes that it can be finished at the latest in autumn 2012’.


(L'amendement oral est retenu)

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