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 Texto íntegro 
Tuesday, 22 May 2012 - Strasbourg Revised edition

Preparation of the informal European summit - Investment, growth and jobs (debate)

  Ivo Belet (PPE), in writing. (NL) A Greek exit from the euro area is not an option. The risks of a total socio-economic escalation are far too large. Such a Grexit could develop into an incalculable chaos in Greece, with unstable or extremist parties coming to power. That could totally destabilise the south-eastern flank of the Union and could ultimately result in armed conflict. What is a more, a loss of face on such an epic scale would also represent the ultimate proof of the powerlessness of European structures and their leaders to take the right decisions in precarious circumstances to calm everything down. Greece represents scarcely 3% of the GNP of the EU. The Greek issue is thus, by definition, manageable. The EU needs to take over the management of the Greek debt more quickly, as we are proposing with the debt redemption fund. In this way, we will be giving the affected population (the Greeks, but also the Spanish, the Portuguese and so on) prospects once again, as well as a guarantee that the EU will not leave them in the lurch. There is no other way. Europe’s leaders, the Commissioners at the head, need to stop making noises about a Grexit. They need to choose another way, a way that brings back legitimate hope and prospects.

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