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Verbatim report of proceedings
Wednesday, 4 July 2012 - StrasbourgOJ edition
 1.Opening of the sitting
 2.Implementing measures (Rule 88): see Minutes
 3.Programme of activities of the Cyprus Presidency (debate)
 4.Preparation of the Commission Work Programme 2013 (debate)
 5.General budget for 2013 (deadline for tabling amendments): see Minutes
 6.Statement by the President
 7.Voting time
  7.1.Common rules for direct support schemes for farmers (A7-0158/2011 - Paolo De Castro) (vote)
  7.2.Support for rural development by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (A7-0161/2011 - Paolo De Castro) (vote)
  7.3.Common organisation of agricultural markets and specific provisions for certain agricultural products (A7-0322/2011 - Paolo De Castro) (vote)
  7.4.Financing of the common agricultural policy (A7-0209/2011 - Giovanni La Via) (vote)
  7.5.Organic production and labelling of organic products (A7-0215/2011 - Martin Häusling) (vote)
  7.6.System of financing by the European Agricultural Guarantee Fund (A7-0204/2011 - Luis Manuel Capoulas Santos) (vote)
  7.7.EU-Russia Agreement on the preservation of commitments on trade in services (A7-0176/2012 - Gianluca Susta) (vote)
  7.8.EU-Russia agreement on trade in parts and components of motor vehicles (A7-0175/2012 - Paweł Zalewski) (vote)
  7.9.EU-Russia Agreement on the introduction or increase by the Russian Federation of export duties on raw materials (A7-0178/2012 - Inese Vaidere) (vote)
  7.10.Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement between the EU and its Member States, Australia, Canada, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Mexico, Morocco, New Zealand, Singapore, Switzerland and the USA (A7-0204/2012 - David Martin) (vote)
  7.11.Direct payments to farmers (A7-0163/2012 - Luis Manuel Capoulas Santos) (vote)
  7.12.2013 budget - mandate for trilogue (A7-0215/2012 - Giovanni La Via) (vote)
  7.13.Strategy for the protection and welfare of animals (A7-0216/2012 - Marit Paulsen) (vote)
  7.14.Establishment of an EU legal framework for the protection of pets and stray animals (B7-0341/2012) (vote)
  7.15.Conclusions of the European Council meeting (28-29 June 2012) (B7-0407/2012, B7-0408/2012, B7-0409/2012, B7-0410/2012) (vote)
  7.16.Access to basic banking services (A7-0197/2012 - Jürgen Klute) (vote)
  7.17.Preparation of the Commission Work Programme 2013 (B7-0345/2012) (vote)
 8.Explanations of vote
 9.Corrections to votes and voting intentions: see Minutes
 10.Approval of the minutes of the previous sitting : see Minutes
 11.Financial aid in the field of the trans-European transport and energy networks (debate)
 12.Breaches of Schengen rules (debate)
 13.Temporary judges of the European Union civil service tribunal - Protocol on the Statute of the Court of Justice of the European Union (debate)
 14.Situation in Georgia (debate)
 15.Situation in Syria (debate)
 16.Composition of committees and delegations : see Minutes
 17.Situation in Egypt (debate)
 18.Agenda of the next sitting : see Minutes
 19.Closure of the sitting
Verbatim report of proceedings
OJ edition (1493 kb)
Verbatim report of proceedings
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