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 Full text 
Thursday, 22 November 2012 - Strasbourg Revised edition

Human rights situation in Iran, particularly mass executions and the recent death of the blogger Sattar Beheshti

  Marek Henryk Migalski (ECR). (PL) Mr President, as a general rule, I never agree with Ms Vergiat. We differ on almost everything, but on this occasion she is right. We may well feel disappointed that the many documents and resolutions we produce do not bear fruit. We are, however, duty bound to do this work. One of the reasons why we were elected was to produce such texts. They are important. They are important also for those who are currently in Iran, and the danger presented or spread by Iran involves two types of threat. The first is an internal threat, and this is what we are referring to today. It means that the regime is threatening its citizens and denying them their fundamental rights.

We should also bear the second threat in mind. I refer to the second problem posed by Iran, namely that it is a country that is also threatening the outside world. We should remember that in fighting for the rights of the people of Iran we are actually also fighting for the universal right to live in peace and harmony.

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