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Procedūra : 2011/0249(NLE)
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Dokumenta lietošanas cikls : A7-0388/2012

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Debates :

PV 10/12/2012 - 16
CRE 10/12/2012 - 16

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PV 11/12/2012 - 8.16
CRE 11/12/2012 - 8.16
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Balsojumu skaidrojumi
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Debašu stenogramma
Otrdiena, 2012. gada 11. decembris - Strasbūra Pārskatītā redakcija

8.16. ES tirdzniecības nolīgums ar Kolumbiju un Peru (A7-0388/2012 - Mário David) (balsošana)

- Antes de la votación:


  Helmut Scholz (GUE/NGL). - Mr President, yesterday we had a very sensitive, emotional debate on the trade agreement on Colombia and Peru. It was a controversial issue for several political groups. My group will therefore ask Parliament to withhold its consent today and send the agreement back to the Committee on International Trade, for three main reasons which I have circulated to Members, and you can read in your mailboxes.

Firstly, we have a study which explains that there is no provision to control and monitor financial flows in the agreement with Colombia and Peru, the two biggest coca exporters, whereas there are such provisions in other FTAs. On the one hand, the agreement seeks to close the window for tax evasion, tax fraud and money laundering, while on the other hand, it opens doors wide open to similar activities.

The second reason is the human rights situation. The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, the Inter-American Court for Human Rights, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and several trade unions have explained that the human rights situation is not such that we should consent to the conclusion of this agreement.

Thirdly, the trade unions, ETUC and other such organisations are asking us not to give our consent.


  Franz Obermayr (NI). - Danke Herr Präsident! Es freut, dass sie endlich einmal herübergeschaut haben. Ich zeige bereits seit ungefähr einer Minute auf.

Und natürlich wollte ich diesen Vorschlag unterstützen. Resultierend aus der gestrigen Debatte sind so viele Sachen ausgesprochen bzw. diversifizierend besprochen worden. Die Menschenrechte hat mein Vorredner angeschnitten. Es geht auch um Nachhaltigkeit, um Umweltschutz. Und da gibt es viele Sachen, die noch besprochen werden sollten. Insbesondere auch die Importsachen aus dem Bereich Palmöl etc. und die Bedrohung des Tropenwaldes.

Daher unterstützte ich den Vorschlag meines Vorredners, dass wir das Ganze noch etwas zurücksetzen und weiter diskutieren.


  Mário David, rapporteur. − Mr President, we reject the referral back to committee for three reasons: the arguments just used were the same ones that we have been listening to since we started this procedure over one year ago.

We are ready to vote, now that the Committee on International Trade (INTA) has voted with 20 votes in favour, 4 against and 1 abstention. We have listened time and time again to unions and NGOs but, I am sorry to remind you of this, the representatives of the citizens as a whole are the elected parliamentarians in this House, in Bogotá and in Lima.

Finally, last Friday the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights removed Colombia from the Black List of countries violating human rights, which it has been on for eleven years, so we can vote now with the knowledge that our principles and fundamental rights are respected.


(El Parlamento rechaza la solicitud de devolución a comisión)

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