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Neljapäev, 13. detsember 2012 - Strasbourg Uuendatud versioon

10. Seadusandliku tavamenetluse kohaselt vastu võetud õigusaktide allakirjutamine
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  President. − Colleagues, you know that the weather is not very good and you would like to get back home safely, so please sit down.

I shall start with an announcement (for details on the announcement: see Minutes).



  Ashley Fox (ECR). - Mr President, many Members here will be very disappointed by the news that the European Court of Justice has overturned this Parliament’s decision to reduce the number of times we travel to Strasbourg. I believe it is the settled will of this Parliament that we have one seat, and I would ask President Schulz to convey that to the Council this afternoon.



  President. − Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to announce that the Court’s ruling has not officially been received by Parliament. It means that there will be no discussion just now. I would like to inform you that discussion on our calendar will be at the plenary sitting on 14 January.


  Joseph Daul (PPE). - Mes chers collègues, ne vous énervez pas, vous me connaissez. Puisqu'on voulait charger M. Schulz de faire au Conseil une déclaration, eh bien la réponse a déjà été donnée. Un simple fait, chers collègues: nous sommes des législateurs, et nous avons à respecter la loi. C'est ce qu'a dit le tribunal. Merci beaucoup.

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