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 Full text 
Monday, 4 February 2013 - Strasbourg Revised edition

Elimination and prevention of all forms of violence against women and girls (debate)

  Nick Griffin (NI), blue-card answer. – Madam President, while the people on that side of the House are denying the facts, thousands more young girls will suffer as a direct consequence of your denial. Of course Islam is directly involved. When you have a religion which says that a woman’s rights in court are half those of a man, when you have a religion which says that a woman who is raped can be stoned to death for adultery unless she can produce four male witnesses to prove she is innocent, then of course that creates a mentality within that community which is fundamentally anti-women.

It started with Muhammad, who raped a captive – a Jewish captive – whose husband he just had murdered. He started that, and he is regarded by Muslims as the perfect man. His example colours what Muslims do. Many Muslims do not, but within their community this is real problem. You need to recognise that fact and address it, not run away from it.

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