Menetlus : 2012/0073(NLE)
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Dokumendi valik : A7-0152/2013

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PV 22/05/2013 - 7.4
CRE 22/05/2013 - 7.4
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Kolmapäev, 22. mai 2013 - Strasbourg Uuendatud versioon

7.4. ELi ja Kanada vaheline tarneahela turvalisusega seotud küsimustes tehtava tollikoostöö leping (A7-0152/2013 - Peter Šťastný) (hääletus)

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  Peter Šťastný (PPE). - Madam President, Parliament is now voting on consent to the EU-Canada agreement on customs cooperation with respect to matters related to supply chain security. The proposed agreement builds on and expands the preceding agreements of 1998 on mutual assistance in customs matters establishing a legal basis for EU-Canada customs cooperation on supply chain security and risk management. In particular it opens the door to mutual recognition agreements on customs security, reinforces the customs-related aspects for securing the logistics chain on international trade including container security, and facilitates legitimate trade. The agreement has no budgetary implications for the Union budget; it will certainly improve our trade relations with Canada, and it is complementary and probably helpful to the comprehensive economic and trade agreement, negotiations for which I hope will be concluded very soon.

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