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Verbatim report of proceedings
Monday, 10 June 2013 - StrasbourgRevised edition
 1.Resumption of the session
 2.Statements by the President
 3.Approval of the minutes of the previous sitting
 4.Composition of Parliament: see Minutes
 5.Verification of credentials : see Minutes
 6.Composition of political groups: see Minutes
 7.Composition of committees and delegations
 8.The European Parliament's calendar of part-sessions - 2014: see Minutes
 9.Signature of acts adopted under the ordinary legislative procedure (Rule 74): see Minutes
 10.Questions for oral answer (submission): see Minutes
 11.Texts of agreements forwarded by the Council: see Minutes
 12.Decisions concerning certain documents: see Minutes
 13.Documents received: see Minutes
 14.Petitions: see Minutes
 15.Order of business
 16.Organised crime, corruption and money laundering (debate)
 17.Health and safety requirements regarding the exposure of workers to the risks arising from physical agents (electromagnetic fields) (debate)
 18.Social investment for growth and cohesion (debate)
 19.Customs enforcement of intellectual property rights (debate)
 20.One-minute speeches (Rule 150)
 21.A new agenda for European consumer policy (short presentation)
 22.Council positions at first reading: see Minutes
 23.Social housing in the European Union (short presentation)
 24.Educational and occupational mobility of women (short presentation)
 25.Legal aid in cross-border civil and commercial disputes (short presentation)
 26.Regional policy as a part of wider State support schemes (short presentation)
 27.Electronic toll service and vignette system on light private vehicles (short presentation)
 28.Agenda for next sitting: see Minutes
 29.Closure of the sitting
Verbatim report of proceedings
Revised edition (549 kb)
Verbatim report of proceedings
Revised edition (2043 kb)
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