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 Full text 
Monday, 1 July 2013 - Strasbourg Revised edition

One-minute speeches (Rule 150)

  Nick Griffin (NI). - Mr President, I recently spent four days in Damascus, a city that is striking for its normality and religious tolerance. Contrary to the propaganda about repression, Sunni mosques are open and some women wear clothing which shows the Salafist sympathies of their husbands. Others wear mini-skirts. It is a secular society much like ours.

I also met captured free-Syria army rebels not only from North Africa and Central Asia, but also from France and Spain. They spoke freely about their aim, once they were done in Syria, to bring their bloody jihad to Europe – to London, Paris, Madrid, Stockholm and Manchester. At least 600 EU-born Islamists are fighting with the rebels.

If you send arms to Syria, they will go to men who will bring them back here and turn them against us. If you arm the rebels, you will not just help these cut-throats destroy the last tolerant secular state in the Middle East, you will also bring Wahabi terror to our streets. Stop and think before you plunge your hands in so much innocent blood.

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