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 Full text 
Thursday, 17 April 2014 - Strasbourg Revised edition

Syria: situation of certain vulnerable communities

  Nick Griffin (NI). - Mr President, the plight of minorities and refugees in Syria is indeed terrible, but who have they fled from? I went to Syria twice last summer and wrote the letter that the Syrian Government sent to help sway the UK Parliament’s vote against a bombing campaign that would have killed and displaced even more innocent victims.

While I was there, I met Christian, Alawite and Muslim refugees. I can tell you that huge numbers of them have been forced from their homes by the same Jihadi rebel terrorists that the EU has done so much to help. If you really care about the people of Syria, you should insist that the CIA and Zionist warmongers stop arming their Jihadi mercenaries and you should impose sanctions on Saudi Arabia and Qatar for funding the invasion of Syria by the thousands of Islamist cut-throats from whom so many Shia, Christians, Alawites and moderate Sunnis have had to flee for their lives.

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