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Tisdagen den 10 mars 2015 - Strasbourg Reviderad upplaga

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  Preşedinte. – Declar deschisă ședința și îi dau cuvântul dlui Richard Corbett pentru o precizare privind Regulamentul de procedură.


  Richard Corbett (S&D). Mr President, I hope Members will not be puzzled if I wish everybody a Happy New Year because today, the second Tuesday of March, is the beginning of the annual parliamentary year under the Treaty. We have an annual session which begins on the second Tuesday of March. This annual session is divided into 12 monthly part-sessions which means, logically, that this week we have had one part—session finishing on the Monday, and another one starting today on the Tuesday.

In other words, this week is actually two part—sessions of Parliament, and I would ask the President and the Bureau of Parliament when looking at the calendar of sessions of Parliament to take this into account when it calculates the number of part-sessions held in Strasbourg, because it seems to me that this gives us the opportunity to adjust the number of times per year we come to Strasbourg, given that this week is actually two part—sessions.


  Preşedinte. – Vom comunica acest lucru și sunt convins că veți primi un răspuns corespunzător.

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