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Сряда, 11 март 2015 г. - Страсбург Редактирана версия

9. Време за гласуване
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  President. – The next item is the vote.


  Teresa Jiménez-Becerril Barrio (PPE). Señora Presidenta, quería aprovechar que la Cámara está llena para recordar que hoy es el Día Europeo de las Víctimas del Terrorismo, coincidiendo con el once de marzo, cuando en España, en Madrid, se produjeron esos terribles atentados. Quería decirles simplemente, y muy rápido, que el terrorismo mata a unos para aterrorizarnos a todos. Y cualquiera de nosotros podemos ser víctimas del terrorismo.



  President. – Thank you for that important point.


  Eleonora Forenza (GUE/NGL). Signora Presidente, onorevoli colleghi, io vorrei fare un richiamo ai sensi del regolamento relativo a un comportamento razzista di un deputato di questo Parlamento, che ha definito il popolo rom "feccia della società" in una trasmissione televisiva vista da milioni di persone.

Io chiedo alla Presidenza di quest'Aula se ai sensi del regolamento si possono prendere provvedimenti contro quello che devo chiamare onorevole Buonanno che ha fatto queste dichiarazioni.


  President. – Could I clarify for the House ...

(Interjection from Mr Gollnisch, protesting about his earlier point of order)

Mr Gollnisch, would you please resume your seat. I have something to say and perhaps you would listen with respect.

The President has already made an announcement about the television broadcast. He does not have a remit over what is said outside this Chamber and I think that is particularly clear. Thank you for raising the issue, Ms Forenza.

Now, colleagues, we can proceed to the vote ...

(Interjection from Mr Gollnisch, protesting about his point of order; the National Front Members banged the lids of their desks.)

Mr Gollnisch, could I ask you to listen for one moment. I am going to ask the services to clarify directly with you about your issue of a point of order. I am very clear about this point. Would you then please be respectful to the House.

(Applause from the National Front)

Now, colleagues, I will open the vote.

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