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14. ELi roll Lähis-Ida rahuprotsessis (arutelu)
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  President. – The next point on the agenda is the Statement by the Vice-President of the Commission/High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy on the EU’s role in the Middle East peace process (2015/2685(RSP)).

I have switched to English because we are going to have a vote. The S&D Group has informed me of its intention to request adjournment of this debate pursuant to Rule 190(1) of the Rules of Procedure. I give the floor to Mr Boştinaru, on behalf of the S&D Group, to move the request.


  Victor Boştinaru (S&D). Madam President, you just said what I wanted to say. I just want to reiterate that, bearing in mind the importance of this debate and the fact that this debate is meaningful when the key player – the Vice-President of the European Commission – is there, the S&D Group, which practically initiated this process, repeated the call to adjourn the debate and to consider that debate possible with the High Representative in the Chamber. I would also like to inform them that we are coordinating with other political groups, and I hope that we shall agree that this debate will take place when all conditions are met.


  Cristian Dan Preda (PPE). Madame la Présidente, le groupe PPE appuie cette demande du groupe des socialistes et démocrates, mais je dois ajouter que nous regrettons que l'annonce soit si tardive.

Je crois que l'on savait déjà, il y a quelques jours, quel serait le programme de Mme Mogherini et les dispositions nécessaires auraient pu être prises avant. Mais c'est bien d'avoir Mme la haute représentante ici, avec nous, et nous appuyons cette demande.


  Martina Anderson (GUE/NGL). Madam President, the situation in the Middle East is untenable, and exactly one year ago today we witnessed, every minute of every hour of every day therein, for a few weeks, an onslaught on Gaza. 1 500 people were killed, including 500 little boys and little girls – exactly one year ago today.

And okay, Mogherini is not here, and it would be better if she was, but we knew days ago that that was going to be the case. Surely as MEPs we have a job to do. Commissioner Hahn is quite capable and quite competent of doing what needs to be done, and as MEPs, we get paid well enough to do our job. Therefore we should be having this debate tonight, and I would ask MEPs to do the right thing – the decent thing – on this terrible anniversary that we are all reflecting on and to have the debate today, because unfortunately, in September I believe we will be back, because Israel, for instance, will violate international law and in September we will be back, having another debate.


(Parliament approved the request to postpone the debate)


  Victor Boştinaru (S&D). Madam President, because our colleague made a statement which is completely untrue, I want to rectify that. Yesterday evening, just at the end of the day, we were formally and officially informed that the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy is still in Vienna for the negotiations on the Iran nuclear talks. It is completely unfair to blame the High Representative, knowing that she is working for peace in Europe.


  President. – Mr Boştinaru, I think it was clear why Ms Mogherini was not with us. The point was just whether the debate should be held with or without her, so that was the point. You made your point clearly. The debate is postponed to some time in the autumn.

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