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 Full text 
Monday, 7 September 2015 - Strasbourg Revised edition

Research and innovation in the blue economy to create jobs and growth (short presentation)

  Jonathan Arnott (EFDD). Madam President, I suppose one of the biggest problems with these five-minute debates is that we cannot adequately do justice to a subject – 31 pages of a report in a 60—second speech. I agree that tidal power is the future, but I hope that we can learn from the mistakes of wind power. It is best to get the research and cost correct first and then introduce a new technology, not the other way around. I believe we are getting towards that point with tidal power and we need to continue the research.

I will just pick up one other point that I have time for: the suggestion to move to liquefied natural gas as a transitional fuel to help the environment. The word ‘transitional’ implies that it will require more than one change in an industry which, frankly, certainly in the UK, is already on its knees, so I would urge extreme caution in that because we do not want to sleepwalk into creating unemployment.

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