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Tuesday, 8 September 2015 - Strasbourg Revised edition

Research and innovation in the blue economy to create jobs and growth (A8-0214/2015 - João Ferreira)

  David Martin (S&D), in writing. ‒ The sea has been known to be a source of wealth at least since ancient Greek and Roman times.

Ships were the main means of transporting passengers and goods over short, medium, and long distances until the end of the 19th century. Fishing has been, and remains, a major source of food for waterside populations.

During the last 50 years there have been significant changes in the nature of humankind’s relationship to the sea, of which the following can serve as examples: the fact that fewer passengers are being carried by sea (and correspondingly more are being carried by air); the growing importance of leisure activities; the prospection for, and exploitation of, fossil energy resources (oil and natural gas, in increasingly deep waters) necessitated by the dearth of resources on land; seabed exploration (still in its infancy) and the prospects for deep-sea mining; the prospects for utilising the energy potential contained in waves, tides, currents, and biomass (seaweed) to generate electricity; offshore wind farms; and the development of marine-related biotechnologies.

The answers to many of the major challenges to society being posed to humankind could lie in better marine knowledge and a greater ability to use, manage, and conserve the resources of our seas, oceans, and coastal areas.

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