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Processo : 2015/2685(RSP)
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PV 10/09/2015 - 8.5
PV 10/09/2015 - 8.6
CRE 10/09/2015 - 8.5
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Quinta-feira, 10 de Setembro de 2015 - Estrasburgo Edição revista

8.5. Papel da UE no processo de paz para o Médio Oriente (RC-B8-0836/2015, B8-0836/2015, B8-0839/2015, B8-0840/2015, B8-0841/2015, B8-0843/2015, B8-0844/2015) (votação)

  Preşedinte. – Înainte de votarea amendamentului 1.


  Martina Anderson (GUE/NGL). Mr President, (start of speech inaudible as microphone not switched on) ... the Members for this late intervention. There is intense negotiation. But I am going to ask if you would please consider doing a roll-call vote on Amendment 1. I want to alert Members that this amendment from the ECR Group is a very dangerous one. It talks about two states for two peoples. It is effectively ethnic cleansing.

I want to remind Members that 20% of the citizens of Israel are Arab Israeli citizens. I just want to alert Members to this. If we cannot have a roll-call vote, at least Members would know. We should not damage the reputation of this Parliament, and Members should vote against it.


Preşedinte. Amendamentul 1 nu a fost reținut, deoarece în acest moment nu se pot accepta solicitări de acest gen.

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