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Tuesday, 19 January 2016 - Strasbourg Revised edition

External factors that represent hurdles to European female entrepreneurship (A8-0369/2015 - Barbara Matera)

  Julia Reid (EFDD), in writing. ‒ UKIP voted against this non legislative and non-binding report. It included calls to encourage men to become more involved in the housework, for example, through mandatory paternity leave. It is not for any government and especially EU bureaucrats to interfere with the private lives of families, marriages and partnerships regarding who should do the housework. It included sexist assumptions that women are used as ‘fronts’ by men to get favourable financial deals; that women underrated their skills and are more likely to confess a lack of self-confidence and assertiveness and thus need psychological support programmes. UKIP believes women and men are equal and the EU has no right to say women are inferior and need demeaning hand-outs. Finally the report calls for the EU to spend more taxpayer’s money and bring forward more legislation. The only people that should decide any of these things are our elected and accountable government, not unelected bureaucrats in Brussels.

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