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Ketvirtadienis, 2016 m. vasario 25 d. - Briuselis Atnaujinta informacija

8. Paaiškinimai dėl balsavimo
Kalbų vaizdo įrašas

  Krisztina Morvai (NI). Madam President, I am terribly sorry but people are coming and going in this Chamber right now and there is a lot of talking going on, like in a cafeteria. It is an abuse and an insult against our voters, against our citizens, that we have to give speeches in this environment. Please make sure that people calm down, keep silent and then we can talk. I do not even know which explanation of vote is going on because the table does not show it, so please make sure that we can see what is going on and that we can also hear, because at this point in time I cannot hear anything and I cannot see anything.


  President. – Ms Morvai, I am sorry but there was a technical reason.

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