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Förfarande : 2016/2038(INI)
Dokumentgång i plenum
Dokumentgång : A8-0223/2016

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PV 05/07/2016 - 10
CRE 05/07/2016 - 10

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PV 06/07/2016 - 6.10
CRE 06/07/2016 - 6.10

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Onsdagen den 6 juli 2016 - Strasbourg Reviderad upplaga

6.10. Skattebeslut och andra åtgärder av liknande karaktär eller med liknande effekt (TAXE 2) (A8-0223/2016 - Jeppe Kofod, Michael Theurer) (omröstning)

– Before the vote:


  Michael Theurer (ALDE). – Madam President, against great resistance, this Parliament fought successfully to get access to confidential Commission and Council documents. In a secret reading room on Parliament’s premises, we have proven that this Parliament can deal with it in a very responsible way. Still, Member States denied us access to some documents. That cannot be accepted.

Finally, it remains absolutely unsatisfactory that those who had the courage to reveal the LuxLeaks scandals, like Antoine Deltour, are prosecuted and sentenced, while those who profited from the tax privileges, amounting to an estimated EUR 1 billion, and those who had the political responsibility for these harmful tax practices have not until now had to bear any personal consequences. As co-rapporteur of TAXE 1 and 2, I strongly recommend that this Parliament should follow the issues in future in the Panama inquiry committee and in a permanent TAXE Sub-Committee.

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