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Esmaspäev, 21. november 2016 - Strasbourg Uuendatud versioon

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  Der Präsident. – Das Protokoll und die angenommenen Texte der Sitzung vom 27. Oktober 2016 sind verfügbar.

Gibt es dagegen Einwände?

Das ist nicht der Fall.

Herr Szanyi, Sie haben einen Antrag zur Tagesordnung.


  Tibor Szanyi (S&D). – Mr President, human rights abuses must never go unnoticed by the EU, no matter if they occur within or outside of its borders. Therefore we cannot let certain worrying political developments in Malaysia pass without comment. Howard Lee, a Malaysian Assembly Member and president of the International Union of Socialist Youth, and other activists were taken into custody by the Malaysian police for participating in a rally. They were arrested because they called for clean elections, clean government, the strengthening of parliamentary democracy and the right of dissent. Although they have been released – just today – I would ask you, on behalf of the European Parliament, to address this issue in the relevant fora so that it never happens again.

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