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Processo : 2016/2062(INI)
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PV 16/02/2017 - 2
CRE 16/02/2017 - 2

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PV 16/02/2017 - 6.12
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Quinta-feira, 16 de Fevereiro de 2017 - Estrasburgo Edição revista

8.5. Estratégia da Aviação para a Europa (A8-0021/2017 - Pavel Telička)
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  Diane James (NI). – Mr President, I chose not to support the vote on Aviation Strategy for Europe today, 16 February 2017. As part of its Brexit strategy for the United Kingdom, the country is pushing ahead with its own agenda for aviation with the ‘Sky’s the Limit’ Coalition, representing airlines and airports. UK Air Traffic Control has welcomed the publication of the UK Government’s airspace and noise policy as a first step towards modernising United Kingdom airspace – including, I might add, that for drones. In contrast, the European Union strategy is beset with problems associated with fulfilling aspects relating to other European Union policies, not least emission limitations. I could not support a strategy which would prove a drag anchor on the United Kingdom’s lead in this critical area of expertise.


  Der Präsident. – Damit sind die Erklärungen zur Abstimmung geschlossen.

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