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Procedure : 2016/2228(INI)
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Documentencyclus : A8-0032/2017

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Debatten :

PV 15/03/2017 - 17
CRE 15/03/2017 - 17

Stemmingen :

PV 16/03/2017 - 6.8
CRE 16/03/2017 - 6.8

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Donderdag 16 maart 2017 - Straatsburg Herziene uitgave

6.8. Een geïntegreerd EU-beleid voor het Noordpoolgebied (A8-0032/2017 - Urmas Paet, Sirpa Pietikäinen) (stemming)

- Înainte de votare:


  David Coburn (EFDD). – Mr President, 14(2) RCV calls for an EU ban on drilling in ‘icy’ waters. Well, that is the sloppiest piece of legislation or proposed legislation that I have ever heard. How can you talk about ‘icy’ waters? I had my APA look it up, and all he could find was ice in whisky, or ice in Signore Tajani’s martini. How can this describe drilling? It is ridiculous. It is ludicrous.


  President. – Mr Coburn, as far as I know, only the scotch is on the rocks, whisky is not, but apart from that I am sure that this debate has already taken place. I am sure that if there were some discussions, they have taken place there. So under the circumstances, I would suggest that we move on with the vote.

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