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Eljárás : 2017/0802(NLE)
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Válasszon egy dokumentumot : A8-0166/2017

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PV 27/04/2017 - 5.6
CRE 27/04/2017 - 5.6

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2017. április 27., Csütörtök - Brüsszel Lektorált változat

5.6. A Számvevőszék egy tagjának kinevezése – Gáll-Pelcz Ildikó (A8-0166/2017 - Indrek Tarand)

- Prima della votazione:


  Indrek Tarand (Verts/ALE). – Mr President, to answer numerous calls to the governments of Member States to create more gender equality in European institutions, out of all 28 Democratic states the one we did not suspect, Hungary and Mr Orbán, finally made a move. Ms Gáll-Pelcz is nominated, and she is definitely the best candidate we can get from Fidesz.

Hence, I would like to advise the Members of Parliament to be cautiously supportive and give her the benefit of the doubt. She will prove it right with her future work in Luxembourg.

However, there is another side of the coin, which means that Madame Gáll—Pelcz leaves to Luxembourg and creates a vacancy in the Bureau of our Parliament. This vacation is not predestined to be filled by a member from Fidesz, nor from Hungary, and not even from the EPP Group. By acclamation. Au contraire, Article 20 of the Rules of Procedure stipulates clearly that we must have elections, not a cosy backroom deal. But if we are very much in love with our habitual practices of power sharing, my legal advice will be just a point: by acclamation, the Member who took part in our January elections and with the support of one—third of his parliament is first in line. Only modesty prevents me from calling his name.

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