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Procedimiento : 2016/2304(INI)
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Ciclo relativo al documento : A8-0201/2017

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PV 12/06/2017 - 15
CRE 12/06/2017 - 15

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PV 13/06/2017 - 5.1
CRE 13/06/2017 - 5.1
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Martes 13 de junio de 2017 - Estrasburgo Edición revisada

5.1. Mejora de la participación activa de los interlocutores y la visibilidad en la ejecución de los Fondos Estructurales y de Inversión Europeos (A8-0201/2017 - Daniel Buda) (votación)

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  James Carver (EFDD). – Mr President, I wish to highlight that July is Scleroderma Awareness Month. As some colleagues will be aware, I have a lifelong commitment to raise awareness of this rare and wicked autoimmune and connective tissue disease that claimed the life of my late wife, Carmen, at the age of 42. This disease, which is particularly common in females, has no known cure but early diagnosis can be of huge benefit to treatment of patients.

Accordingly, I ask all colleagues and their staff to go away and find out more about scleroderma so that they may better raise awareness in their Member States. Furthermore, I would like to pay tribute to the work of two charities, Scleroderma and Raynaud’s UK, and the Federation of European Scleroderma Associations, which work so hard supporting scleroderma patients and their loved ones.


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