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Procedūra : 2016/0308(COD)
Procedūros eiga plenarinėje sesijoje
Dokumento priėmimo eiga : A8-0193/2017

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Debatai :

PV 31/05/2017 - 16
CRE 31/05/2017 - 16

Balsavimas :

PV 01/06/2017 - 7.5
CRE 01/06/2017 - 7.5
Balsavimo rezultatų paaiškinimas
PV 04/07/2017 - 6.11
CRE 04/07/2017 - 6.11
Balsavimo rezultatų paaiškinimas

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Antradienis, 2017 m. liepos 4 d. - Strasbūras Atnaujinta informacija

7.5. Laikinųjų autonominių prekybos priemonių Ukrainai nustatymas (A8-0193/2017 - Jarosław Wałęsa)
Kalbų vaizdo įrašas

Mündliche Erklärungen zur Abstimmung


  Eleonora Forenza (GUE/NGL). – Signora Presidente, onorevoli colleghi, io non sono la relatrice, ci deve essere stato un errore. Però faccio la mia dichiarazione di voto, una dichiarazione di voto convintamente contraria, perché penso che sull'assistenza macrofinanziaria all'Ucraina si stia giocando una partita politica vergognosa, si tratta di un sostegno politico e commerciale al regime parafascista di Porošenko, che continua a reprimere e a opprimere la popolazione civile in Donbas, a non rispettare gli accordi di Minsk. Si tratta di un accordo che, oltre a sostenere il regime parafascista di Porošenko, crea misure dannose per le nostre produzioni, per le produzioni agricole europee quali il miele, l'uva, il frumento, l'orzo e altri cereali.

Insomma, qua vogliamo descrivere Porošenko come filo-Unione europea, rimuovendo, in realtà, le presenze dell'ultradestra nel suo regime e rimuovendo quello che lui sta facendo contro le popolazioni del Donbas. Mi sembrano ragioni sufficienti, insieme al danno per gli agricoltori europei, per votare contro.


  Jasenko Selimovic (ALDE). – Madam President, I made a mistake about the place for this explanation, but I will now give it in its proper place.

The people of Ukraine, during the Maidan revolution, made their European ambitions very clear. The price they have had to pay for the wish to get closer to the EU has been enormous. Russia has occupied Crimea, engaged in war in eastern Ukraine and imposed numerous trade sanctions. Ukraine faces economic hardship and the effects of its fragile economic recovery have not yet reached its population. This is why the EU needs to show unanimous support.

The proposed autonomous trade measures will increase trade flows between the EU and Ukraine and give its economy the necessary support. They will also send the strong signal to the Ukrainian Government that its ambitious reform agenda is widely embraced by the EU. The people of Ukraine want to see their future in Europe and we have to help them arrive there. This is why I am proud that we voted for this report.


  Petras Auštrevičius (ALDE). – Madam President, first of all, I want to react to Ms Forenza’s absolutely unacceptable language about Ukraine: Ukraine is under aggression from the Russian Federation, which came to the eastern part of Ukraine and supported so—called separatists who are in favour of killing their former countrymen. Russia – not any country – came to Crimea and occupied and annexed that part of Ukraine. The EU is not coming to Ukraine with weapons, but is extending a hand of cooperation and trade. This is the best track: to improve the economic situation in Ukraine, to help people to raise up economic developments and to look to Ukraine as a future partner. I will never be aligned with statements like this – calling Ukraine a fascist country. That is completely wrong.



  Νότης Μαριάς (ECR). – Κυρία Πρόεδρε, καταψήφισα την έκθεση γιατί η εφαρμογή προσωρινών αυτόνομων εμπορικών μέτρων για την Ουκρανία βλάπτει την εθνική οικονομία ορισμένων χωρών που βρίσκονται σε οικονομική κρίση, όπως η Ελλάδα. Εν προκειμένω, οι ευρωπαίοι αγρότες και κυρίως οι έλληνες αγρότες θα αντιμετωπίσουν έναν αθέμιτο ανταγωνισμό και στα θέματα των σιτηρών και στα ζητήματα που έχουν σχέση με την αμπελουργία. Ακόμη και μέλι, πάμφθηνο αλλά αμφιβόλου ποιότητας, εισάγεται στην Ελλάδα από την Ουκρανία.

Επιπλέον, η συμφωνία Ελευθέρων Συναλλαγών Ευρωπαϊκής Ένωσης-Ουκρανίας θα διαλύσει και τον κτηνοτροφικό τομέα στην Ελλάδα. Θα έχουμε αθρόα εισαγωγή γαλακτοκομικών προϊόντων -αμφιβόλου πάντα ποιότητας- και κρέατος, και έτσι οι έλληνες κτηνοτρόφοι οι οποίοι αντιμετωπίζουν ήδη πάρα πολλά προβλήματα, λόγω της φτωχοποίησης που έχει επέλθει με το μνημόνιο, θα βρεθούν σε ακόμη δυσμενέστερη θέση. Γι’ αυτό καταψήφισα την έκθεση.


  Andrejs Mamikins (S&D). – Madam President, the stated aim of this legislative proposal is to increase existing trade flows and to foster bilateral trade and economic cooperation between Ukraine and the European Union, but in the same document it states that the European Union will see a loss of customs revenue corresponding to less than EUR 50 million annually, with very limited impact on EU own resources.

‘Limited impact’ means that in reality this proposal is empty. It is the lowest possible result. Nevertheless, the Committee on International Trade suggested additional cuts for certain product groups such as wheat, maize and processed tomatoes. We can compare this to a situation where somebody presents a gift to a friend in a big beautiful box, but inside there is only a very small candy at the bottom. Such a gift can be perceived only as a mockery.


  Stanislav Polčák (PPE). – Paní předsedající, já vím, že se to nesluší, abych v této své minutě reagoval na kolegyni, nicméně mi to nedá. To, co řekla paní Forenza, je neakceptovatelné, je to urážející vůči Ukrajině a jsem překvapen, že takováto slova mohou v tomto sále zaznít. Budiž.

Pro mě je ta dohoda, respektive ta opatření, která mají podpořit Ukrajinu, samozřejmě nedostatečná. Ale přesto jsem se rozhodl je podpořit, protože myslím, že je naší povinností podpořit národ, který je ve velmi těžké zkoušce.

Neumím si představit, že bychom po roce 1994, kdy jsme dali určité záruky – velmoci západní, USA a Velká Británie – vůči ukrajinské svrchovanosti, že bychom je v tomto konfliktu nepodpořili. Byl bych rád, abychom podpořili i ty regiony, které samozřejmě na této dohodě tratí, jsou to určitě části Řecka, jsou to části zemědělského sektoru, ale není možné podle mého názoru Ukrajinu v tuto chvíli opustit. Já jsem hlasoval pro.


  Момчил Неков (S&D). – Г-жо Председател, скъпи колеги, сътрудничеството със страни, които са съседи на Европейския съюз, е важно. Силно вярвам обаче, че съдействието и помощта, които им се оказват, не трябва да бъдат в ущърб на европейските производители. Пчелари, производители на масла и други продукти от моята страна – България, отправиха няколкократно апели към преразглеждане на вноса от Украйна, защото чувстват силен натиск от ниските вносни цени.

Тарифните квоти са механизъм, който гарантира защитата от нелоялни търговски практики и според мен трябва да бъдат отпускани само след оценка на риска от всички държави членки. Изпращането на положителни политически сигнали на трети страни е важно, но не трябва да става под формата на икономически натиск за европейските производители. Аз не дадох подкрепата си за увеличаване на безмитния внос от Украйна, защото смятам, че тази мярка е лоша новина и механизъм за производителите от страни като моята – България.

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