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Tuesday, 14 November 2017 - Strasbourg Revised edition

4. Resumption of the sitting
Video of the speeches

  Πρόεδρος. – Κυρίες και κύριοι συνάδελφοι, κηρύσσω την επανάληψη της συνεδρίασης μετά την απονομή του βραβείου LUX. Πριν προχωρήσουμε στις ψηφοφορίες θα δώσω τον λόγο στον κ. Amjad Bashir.


  Amjad Bashir (ECR). – Mr President, yesterday Sky News vividly showed the entire world what the suffering of the Rohingya has been. I saw that first—hand when I visited the survivors of this genocide in Bangladesh. In Myanmar babies are being born on the beach. The lucky ones will be put on a boat to Bangladesh. The rest will be left to die.

The UK Prime Minister has vowed to tackle the inhuman destruction of the Rohingya people. I plead only for the President’s authorisation for an extraordinary debate to consider the situation of the Rohingya, in accordance with Rule 153(4), because, after lengthy discussions with the UN, Bangladesh, Myanmar and the UK, I believe the EU should now convene an intergovernmental summit to put an end to this genocide. For the sake of humanity, let this House lead the way forward.



  Πρόεδρος. – Κύριε Bashir άκουσα με προσοχή την πρότασή σας και τους λόγους που τη στηρίζουν. Δεσμεύομαι να διαβιβάσω αμέσως στον Πρόεδρο του Ευρωπαϊκού Κοινοβουλίου την πρότασή σας.

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