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Torsdag den 30. november 2017 - Bruxelles Revideret udgave

3. Genoptagelse af mødet
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(The sitting was resumed at 9.48)


  Rosa Estaràs Ferragut (PPE). – Señor presidente, deseo intervenir por una cuestión de orden.

Hoy, después de este Pleno, hay quien tiene que coger aviones. El turno de votaciones es a las once y media y se ha retrasado. Estamos retardando el debate porque no están ni la Comisión ni la ponente, cosa que no comprendo, pero eso pone en peligro luego las votaciones.

Solamente quiero que conste en acta.


  President. – I am aware of this and the fact that we are sitting here does not mean that we are not trying to take the necessary steps. As I have said, I apologise, but I do not have any means other than making phone calls, and this is what we have been doing.

I can see that the Commissioner is with us and the rapporteur is on her way. We can proceed even without the rapporteur, and we will come back to her.

Commissioner, I would appreciate it if we could start. The rapporteur is on her way, but I think that we should keep more or less to the timetable. I hereby resume the sitting.

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