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Torstai 8. helmikuuta 2018 - Strasbourg Lopullinen versio

11. Parlamentin kokoonpano
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  President. – The second announcement is that the competent authorities of France have notified the election to the European Parliament of Jacques Colombier, with effect from 2 February 2018, replacing Edouard Ferrand. I welcome our new colleague and remind him that he takes his seat in Parliament and on its bodies and enjoys all the rights attaching thereto under the conditions laid down by the regulation.



  David Coburn (EFDD). – Mr President, I note that we are discussing the European Investment Bank, but we have not discussed the fact that the British are owed 35 billion and we would like our money back. That means that all the stuff they are talking about is irrelevant and it has to be looked at again.

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