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 Full text 
Tuesday, 11 September 2018 - Strasbourg Revised edition

The situation in Hungary (debate)

  Branislav Škripek (ECR). – Mr President, colleagues, this debate here is about much more than the fate of one nation. We are shaping the future of the European Union here and there are complaints about the Hungarian institutions, Hungarian rule of law and so on. So yes, let us settle those questions then.

But some would like to see Hungary and other central European countries under control, obediently following the wrong directives of Brussels given from above according to the explanation of the common rules, but with different biases. It was mentioned here that we are united in diversity, so how has it come about that you want to kick out someone for being so different? We have some different opinions, yes. After 40 years of Communist oppression, we are entitled to shape the EU project as well. We experienced totalitarianism already; we experienced the dictating of opinions. There are so many wrong things with Europe today: unrealistic federalisation, disrespect of the natural family of one man and one woman and of human dignity, more opposition to the freedom of speech. There are examples in EU Member States. Prime Minister Orbán is no threat in comparison to the deformed version of democracy that the left-wing liberals are preaching to the EU states. It is a false gospel, and I ask you: let us deal with that, please.

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