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Процедура : 2018/0076(COD)
Етапи на разглеждане в заседание
Етапи на разглеждане на документа : A8-0360/2018

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Разисквания :

PV 13/02/2019 - 24
CRE 13/02/2019 - 24

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PV 14/02/2019 - 10.10
CRE 14/02/2019 - 10.10

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Четвъртък, 14 февруари 2019 г. - Страсбург Редактирана версия

10.10. Такси за презграничните плащания в Съюза и такси за превалутирането (A8-0360/2018 - Eva Maydell) (гласуване)

– Before the vote:


  Eva Maydell, Rapporteur. – Madam President, briefly, I just want to draw your attention to the fact that today, with this report, we abolish the so-called ‘roaming fees’ for cross-border payments. In this way, we (a) show to the European citizens that we can deliver fast and tangible results and (b) save them billions of euros annually. And not least, we also put the single market for payments at an equal footing, irrespective of whether you come from a eurozone country or non-eurozone country.


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