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Procedura : 2016/0361(COD)
Ciclo di vita in Aula
Ciclo del documento : A8-0216/2018

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Discussioni :

PV 15/04/2019 - 17
CRE 15/04/2019 - 17

Votazioni :

PV 16/04/2019 - 8.13
CRE 16/04/2019 - 8.13

Testi approvati :


Martedì 16 aprile 2019 - Strasburgo Edizione rivista

8.13. Capacità di assorbimento delle perdite e di ricapitalizzazione di enti creditizi e imprese di investimento (regolamento) (A8-0216/2018 - Gunnar Hökmark) (votazione)

- Antes de la votación:


  Gunnar Hökmark, Rapporteur. – Mr President, ..(inaudible) do the same as Mr Klinz. Thank you all from me for a fantastic 15 years: fantastic friends all over the borders, from political borders and national borders. I would like to underline that here lies an opportunity to make Europe stronger: a free society open for all individuals, strong in a global environment that needs cooperation. The European Union is a fascinating thing. We might sometimes have different views, but the good thing is that we have a common task and a common aim. So thanks to all of you for a fantastic 15 years. Those are my last two reports, and I hope they will contribute to a more stable Europe.


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