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Procédure : 2018/0090(COD)
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Cycle relatif au document : A8-0029/2019

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PV 16/04/2019 - 23
CRE 16/04/2019 - 23

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PV 17/04/2019 - 8.7
CRE 17/04/2019 - 8.7
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Mercredi 17 avril 2019 - Strasbourg Edition révisée

8.7. Meilleure application et modernisation des règles relatives à la protection des consommateurs de l'UE (A8-0029/2019 - Daniel Dalton) (vote)

– Before the vote:


  Róża Gräfin von Thun und Hohenstein (PPE), on behalf of more than 38 Members. – Mr President, unfortunately this directive does not solve the burning issue of the dual quality of products, and I come to it again. It contains an open list of exemptions, which allow to sell products of different quality in seemingly identical packaging, and it obliges the consumer to prove every time that he or she was treated unfairly. So in the name of over 100 Members from 25 Member States who signed the amendment which prohibits this unfair practice, I ask you all to vote on the submitted amendments individually.



  Daniel Dalton, Rapporteur. – Mr President, we spent ages getting an agreement. This is the final agreement that was agreed by all Groups, all Groups in the trilogue agreed to this agreement. We’ve got significant new rules on dual quality that address the issue that you all have. Any amendment that we pass on this will kill this file dead and that means the entire new consumer acquis in a whole load of areas will die. We’ve got an agreement, it is a good agreement, I would back Parliament to back that agreement and get this new law into force as soon as possible.


(Parliament rejected the request)

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