Wednesday, 27 November 2019 - StrasbourgRevised edition
 1.Opening of the sitting
 2.Debates on cases of breaches of human rights, democracy and the rule of law (announcement of motions for resolutions tabled): see Minutes
 3.Presentation by the Commission President-elect of the College of Commissioners and their programme (debate)
 4.Resumption of the sitting
 6.Voting time
  6.1.Election of the Commission (vote)
  6.2.Mobilisation of the European Union Solidarity Fund to provide assistance to Greece (A9-0040/2019 - Eva Kaili) (vote)
  6.3.Mobilisation of the Flexibility Instrument to finance immediate budgetary measures to address the on-going challenges of migration, refugee inflows and security threats (A9-0039/2019 - Monika Hohlmeier) (vote)
  6.4.Mobilisation of the EU Solidarity Fund to provide for the payment of advances in the general budget of the Union for 2020 (A9-0036/2019 - Monika Hohlmeier) (vote)
  6.5.2020 budgetary procedure: joint text (A9-0035/2019 - Monika Hohlmeier, Eider Gardiazabal Rubial) (vote)
 7.Explanations of vote: see Minutes
 8.Corrections to votes and voting intentions : see Minutes
 9.Resumption of the sitting
 10.Approval of the minutes of the previous sitting: see Minutes
 11.Delegated acts (Rule 111(2)): see Minutes
 12.Implementing measures (Rule 112): see Minutes
 13.Documents received: see Minutes
 14.Transfers of appropriations and budgetary decisions: see Minutes
 15.Interference from other countries in our democracies and elections (topical debate)
 16.Eastern neighbourhood developments (debate)
 17.Situation in Israel and Palestine, including the settlements (debate)
 18.Situation in the broader Middle East region, including the crisis in Iran, Iraq and Lebanon (debate)
 19.On-going negotiations for a new EU-ACP Partnership Agreement (debate)
 20.Agenda for next sitting: see Minutes
 21.Closure of the sitting
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Revised edition (4013 kb)
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